Tuesday, November 15, 2011

'coz u like it that way:

I just love lyrics which are autobiographical in nature... especially something representing wounded heart....
songs like tear drops on my guitar, you're not sorry and stuff like that...simple at places and bizzare sometimes...no complex or wat can be coined as 'GRE' words but simple n straight....
my try at such genre!!

                       'coz u like it that way:

i let my pride go
danced with your ego
for heaven's sake...
if thats not enough .....wat will ever be?

you made me cry all night
the way you always fight
for heaven's sake...
dont treat me so rough...do u even like me?

don't worry....i won't even say hey !
'coz u like it that way...
don't worry... won't bother u in anyway
'coz u like it that way...

are you happy?
seeing me sad all the time
or am i crazy?
thinking you as one of mine....

wont keep my hopes high
'coz u like it that way...
will soon say good bye
juz 'coz u like it that way...

Saturday, November 12, 2011

The dreamers we are....

                                Well Mr.Darcy.... Miss.Bennet is no less !!

We all wish our fantasies/dreams to come true... very badly.Some of us accept that we are dreamers and some dont ! Well i'm a dreamer all right ! Guilty as charged.

You pray for them and dream about it all day long. When all you friends are busy and you are left all alone with your own self...those dreams turn out to be your companion. Gushing with your own self, talking with your own self about the beautiful surreality..what it would be like if your dream walks for real?

If they really come true.....then what? do we really think about that? What if we are not capable to face them? What if the consequneces are something we cannot face or tolerate.

I always was , always am and always will be amazed by William Darcy. Whenever i read Pride and Prejudice (yeah read dozen times, yay watched many times...BTW check out BBC s version where Darcy is very talented colin firth...thats lil better than 2005 film...of course keira fans wont listem to me..so..) ..ok..coming to Pride and Prejudice and my affection with Mr.Darcy, I always used to wonder isnt amazing to find a person in real life who is like Mr.Darcy! Distant, mysterious, eyes full of pain and questions, avoiding you for no particular reason! oh how i WISHED !

But then will you be really ok with that kind of a person? forget about love of your life, at least as a companion?
aloof, not knowing whether he likes you... is he just humiliating you all the time or is it your own pride that is getting hurt? may be its a mere prejudice on your part?

Well, trust me my dear ladies , take it from me...WE CAN'T.
No matter how much you we adore fantasies and men like Darcy, its always Bingley with whom you can actually connect and live happily ever after !

So people out there who like Darcys, Sheldon coopers, hannibal lecters,Barney stinsons .... dreaming is always easy...be prepared for the real time ! You never know when your wishes may come true!
What if they really walk in? are you ready?

Monday, September 5, 2011

As good as it gets !

As good as it gets !
When i first watched this awesome movie on HBO, i wasn't aware of its fame. I noticed that Helen hunt and Jack Nicholson are the lead actors and that was enough for me to hang on to the channel.
10 mins into the movie, I was totally with the characters! Awesome film. one of my all time favorites.

It somehow stayed with me. (Even now I keep remembering few scenes (the ending especially) and always smile in silence at the awesomeness of simplicity)
Then i wondered is it a famous movie? I thought May be not. Any Academy award nominations? Its not a war drama, No homosexual story, No weepy creepy scenes, No pyschopaths! Academy award? Chanceless.

I'm glad I was wrong. When i googled the film just out of curiosity to know its ranking, my god! I was dumbstruck. It turned out to be a very popular movie which secured an academy award to both the lead actors. And with multiple other nominations. Man! i have good taste.

Now why of all of a sudden i remembered this specific incident? I'll tell you why. Today I was discussing with one of my friends about saif ali khan and how he evolved as an actor through the years. Remember that ole ole ole saifu? and just think about DCH, HT and Omkara. Awesome transformation.

And my friend came up with a extordinary comment saying he didnt deserve a national award for hum tum! Man ! I know its a rip off of harry met sally and yes it was not a very original concept. But both Rani and Saif performed brilliantly. Sharmila Tagore might have been on the selection panel, but boss he deserved it!!! I dont know who were the other competitors that year but  i believe Saif was excellent and effortless!

Why national awards should be awarded to arty crafty films? Is Weeping all through the film or killing the lead is an essential element to get the award?
Our industry has a long way to go! And also the mind set of the jury panel and audience should be open enough to accept that doing halke-phulke roles is as tough as serious roles ! I'm not saying serious roles are easy. Take kamal hassan in Nayagan. Thats the most favorite performace by a leading actor for me. I love serious films.But still happy happy films can also bag awards.

I dont at all like chetan bhagat. But feel like saying something he allegedly quoted :  Be sincere not serious ! Seriousness should never be considered as sincerity!
Well,thats me ! A die hard movie lover ! Can't handle narrow minded ness ruining the art! Let true talent flourish and prejudices perish !

\m/ \m/ for good cinema \m/ \m/


Sunday, August 7, 2011

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star :)

Anybody out there who loves rhymes? the ones we used to sing with all our classmates in kindergarten??? 

yippeee !!!!! just like me then :)

I donno why i just love all the toddlers rhymes.. Twinkle Twinkle..hickory dickory... two little hands...humpty dumpty...what not ! my fav being one a penny..and 1,2,3 buckle my shoes.... :):)

and if u donno... the KG students of this generation hav much complex rhymes !! i read my neice minnie books now n then just to keep myself up to date !

Bizzareness of the lyrics may be? or is it the freedom to make a song out of anything and make it sound real fun? so here i'm just tryin to write some few fun lines... well, whenever i think of rhymes and writing one the immediate thing that pops in my mind is a doggie!! well, lets see how i fare !! nothing fundoo mind you! just bizzare !!


on the way to my home i met
a very very cute cute pet
he got drenched in rain and got wet
looked like a fish just out of net

He's a pretty little puppy
but can bite you in a ziffy
never he did anything crazy
of all he was very very lazy

i found him very dull and sad
which made me go mad mad
i asked him "why are u so honey"
and the reply came "no one bother to name me any"

then i thought and thought and thought
let me tell you i thought a lot
and atlast i named him ruff
which made him happy enough

Then i took him home
which had quiet some dome
i liked him so much that i kept him forever
and promised myself to leave him never!!

:):):) yay !!!!!!! I'm happy with what i've done !!! so wat do u think???

PS: copy cats!!! all copy rights reserved !!!!! will sue in the court in case of copy mind you !!

love,love and love,

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Tom,Sherlock,Jackie and other men !

I think some people are just crazy. And I’m definitely one of them. Everyone used to call me a “weirdo” from times unknown. May be because of my tastes, particularly the kind of guys I  like.

I still remember how I used to love “adventures of huckleberry Finn” non detail text book in school days. Not because of Finn, but for Tom sawyer who is the real hero of the book. I’d read few short stories before which featured tom sawyer’s naughty haughty deeds, but Finn is the book which made me crazy fan of tom sawyer. Without wasting any time I borrowed adventures of tom sawyers from a library and finished it. Back then I always used to borrow books as buying them is a very costly affair for a gril from middle class section of the society, like me. Of course now I’m proud owner of genuine tom sawyer’s collection :):).

As I grew up I came out of the little crush I had developed for Tom. (Till date I refer Tom sawyer as my first crush and sweetest of all).
Then came Achilles, the hero of Trojan War. And also Ulysses. But they didn’t make much impact. I forgot them quite easily. May be they are very much royal and very unbelievable.

Everyone thought I grew up. But then came that tall, handsome, energetic legend called Sherlock Holmes. The hound of Baskerville is just the starting. I frantically finished reading all stories of Sherlock Holmes (rather of sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s J ). I think the only stories I go back to often, and might have read and re-read are of Sherlock’s. No other character etched in my heart like the way Sherlock did. Yes, I prefer calling him Sherlock to Holmes. It is rather sweet and personal I feel :):). I’m very happy that one of my fav actors Robert Downey jr. has portrayed Holmes in the recent movie.People may find it stupidly childish but Sherlock still is my ideal guy. I’m matured enough to know that he is fictional. But still my heart aches to accept it.

And ofcourse, there is  CAPTAIN JACK SPARROW :)..... oh my god ! I think every gal across the globe defintely loves jackie... I might have watched the 3 installments of POC atleast 10 times each! and dialy i watch few fav scenes from the series....EVERYDAY WITHOUT FAIL :P:P

Already done with POC new installment......twice :P:P:P. Can never get enough of that captain somehow! Hats off to Depp for bringing it to life so adorably !

And well-o-well..... thats it for now !!!!

Monday, April 25, 2011

ignorance is bliss !

Happened to watch a movie 'The passion of Christ' on Sony pix few days back. It deals with the final 12 hrs of Jesus Christ’s life and in flashbacks some other events in Christ’s life. A very very good movie.

Now I haven’t started this blog to recommend the movie. Then why?

The recent tragedy(?!), the death of puttaparthi sai baba made me think about this movie.

Nationwide (or is it worldwide??) roar! I cannot fathom why.
He is not young or something? 84 yr old person. What people expect of him? To live on forever? To perform miracle and come back to life? really??? Seriously !!!

I know it’s very painful to lose someone you like. And if that someone did lot to the poor and needy....the pain and the grief is unimaginable. But isn’t it farfetched  to expect him to come back to life?????

I respect and admire Jesus a lot. Not that he performed miracles or not that he is son of god. (For the record I do believe that he performed many miracles and in fact son of god) But my love for Jesus is something that is beyond divinity, it is humanity. Yes. His message of love, his message of forgiving your enemies, his simple life style and his preachings. Now that is something which commands respect and admiration.
I mentioned passion of Christ specifically because it throws light on life of Jesus in the last hours and how much pain Jesus has to undergo and how he still asks for forgiveness of those who punished him. Divine. That is divinity.

Not only Jesus but there are loads of personalities over the years who spread that message. and many who are trying to.

I respect puttaparthi sai baba . Just for the things I mentioned. His act of humanity and his message of love. Now why should someone be godly to give that message? why should some one perform miracles to be good?

Now people expect him to come back to life? perform a miracle???

why dont they just let him RIP?

just my thoughts !

I don’t at all believe that he is son of god or messenger of god. I just believe he is a good man who did great work to the poor. At the same time, i do respect opinions of some , who claim satya sai baba is god himself. 
But the thought that bugs me is why to be a god ? Isn't it enough to be a human being and help others?

Thursday, February 10, 2011


well, it might amaze most of my friends..enemies...neighbors...family....and in fact amazes me a bit... why a girl like me who likes blah blah-ing(if that is a word) and self appreciation so much has not started a blog yet !!!

so  to give all the thinkers, minders (again if u accept my English.. [actually i don't care a fig :P:P ] ).....and to talk more about me and how i feel.... i m starting a blog... (in  collegified English 'to dabbafy' )....

to follow more of my OA (over action) follow me :P:P

with loads of love,
Lavanya Vasudevan.