Saturday, May 28, 2011

Tom,Sherlock,Jackie and other men !

I think some people are just crazy. And I’m definitely one of them. Everyone used to call me a “weirdo” from times unknown. May be because of my tastes, particularly the kind of guys I  like.

I still remember how I used to love “adventures of huckleberry Finn” non detail text book in school days. Not because of Finn, but for Tom sawyer who is the real hero of the book. I’d read few short stories before which featured tom sawyer’s naughty haughty deeds, but Finn is the book which made me crazy fan of tom sawyer. Without wasting any time I borrowed adventures of tom sawyers from a library and finished it. Back then I always used to borrow books as buying them is a very costly affair for a gril from middle class section of the society, like me. Of course now I’m proud owner of genuine tom sawyer’s collection :):).

As I grew up I came out of the little crush I had developed for Tom. (Till date I refer Tom sawyer as my first crush and sweetest of all).
Then came Achilles, the hero of Trojan War. And also Ulysses. But they didn’t make much impact. I forgot them quite easily. May be they are very much royal and very unbelievable.

Everyone thought I grew up. But then came that tall, handsome, energetic legend called Sherlock Holmes. The hound of Baskerville is just the starting. I frantically finished reading all stories of Sherlock Holmes (rather of sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s J ). I think the only stories I go back to often, and might have read and re-read are of Sherlock’s. No other character etched in my heart like the way Sherlock did. Yes, I prefer calling him Sherlock to Holmes. It is rather sweet and personal I feel :):). I’m very happy that one of my fav actors Robert Downey jr. has portrayed Holmes in the recent movie.People may find it stupidly childish but Sherlock still is my ideal guy. I’m matured enough to know that he is fictional. But still my heart aches to accept it.

And ofcourse, there is  CAPTAIN JACK SPARROW :)..... oh my god ! I think every gal across the globe defintely loves jackie... I might have watched the 3 installments of POC atleast 10 times each! and dialy i watch few fav scenes from the series....EVERYDAY WITHOUT FAIL :P:P

Already done with POC new installment......twice :P:P:P. Can never get enough of that captain somehow! Hats off to Depp for bringing it to life so adorably !

And well-o-well..... thats it for now !!!!