Sunday, August 7, 2011

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star :)

Anybody out there who loves rhymes? the ones we used to sing with all our classmates in kindergarten??? 

yippeee !!!!! just like me then :)

I donno why i just love all the toddlers rhymes.. Twinkle Twinkle..hickory dickory... two little hands...humpty dumpty...what not ! my fav being one a penny..and 1,2,3 buckle my shoes.... :):)

and if u donno... the KG students of this generation hav much complex rhymes !! i read my neice minnie books now n then just to keep myself up to date !

Bizzareness of the lyrics may be? or is it the freedom to make a song out of anything and make it sound real fun? so here i'm just tryin to write some few fun lines... well, whenever i think of rhymes and writing one the immediate thing that pops in my mind is a doggie!! well, lets see how i fare !! nothing fundoo mind you! just bizzare !!


on the way to my home i met
a very very cute cute pet
he got drenched in rain and got wet
looked like a fish just out of net

He's a pretty little puppy
but can bite you in a ziffy
never he did anything crazy
of all he was very very lazy

i found him very dull and sad
which made me go mad mad
i asked him "why are u so honey"
and the reply came "no one bother to name me any"

then i thought and thought and thought
let me tell you i thought a lot
and atlast i named him ruff
which made him happy enough

Then i took him home
which had quiet some dome
i liked him so much that i kept him forever
and promised myself to leave him never!!

:):):) yay !!!!!!! I'm happy with what i've done !!! so wat do u think???

PS: copy cats!!! all copy rights reserved !!!!! will sue in the court in case of copy mind you !!

love,love and love,