Tuesday, November 15, 2011

'coz u like it that way:

I just love lyrics which are autobiographical in nature... especially something representing wounded heart....
songs like tear drops on my guitar, you're not sorry and stuff like that...simple at places and bizzare sometimes...no complex or wat can be coined as 'GRE' words but simple n straight....
my try at such genre!!

                       'coz u like it that way:

i let my pride go
danced with your ego
for heaven's sake...
if thats not enough .....wat will ever be?

you made me cry all night
the way you always fight
for heaven's sake...
dont treat me so rough...do u even like me?

don't worry....i won't even say hey !
'coz u like it that way...
don't worry... won't bother u in anyway
'coz u like it that way...

are you happy?
seeing me sad all the time
or am i crazy?
thinking you as one of mine....

wont keep my hopes high
'coz u like it that way...
will soon say good bye
juz 'coz u like it that way...

Saturday, November 12, 2011

The dreamers we are....

                                Well Mr.Darcy.... Miss.Bennet is no less !!

We all wish our fantasies/dreams to come true... very badly.Some of us accept that we are dreamers and some dont ! Well i'm a dreamer all right ! Guilty as charged.

You pray for them and dream about it all day long. When all you friends are busy and you are left all alone with your own self...those dreams turn out to be your companion. Gushing with your own self, talking with your own self about the beautiful surreality..what it would be like if your dream walks for real?

If they really come true.....then what? do we really think about that? What if we are not capable to face them? What if the consequneces are something we cannot face or tolerate.

I always was , always am and always will be amazed by William Darcy. Whenever i read Pride and Prejudice (yeah read dozen times, yay watched many times...BTW check out BBC s version where Darcy is very talented colin firth...thats lil better than 2005 film...of course keira fans wont listem to me..so..) ..ok..coming to Pride and Prejudice and my affection with Mr.Darcy, I always used to wonder isnt amazing to find a person in real life who is like Mr.Darcy! Distant, mysterious, eyes full of pain and questions, avoiding you for no particular reason! oh how i WISHED !

But then will you be really ok with that kind of a person? forget about love of your life, at least as a companion?
aloof, not knowing whether he likes you... is he just humiliating you all the time or is it your own pride that is getting hurt? may be its a mere prejudice on your part?

Well, trust me my dear ladies , take it from me...WE CAN'T.
No matter how much you we adore fantasies and men like Darcy, its always Bingley with whom you can actually connect and live happily ever after !

So people out there who like Darcys, Sheldon coopers, hannibal lecters,Barney stinsons .... dreaming is always easy...be prepared for the real time ! You never know when your wishes may come true!
What if they really walk in? are you ready?