Monday, September 5, 2011

As good as it gets !

As good as it gets !
When i first watched this awesome movie on HBO, i wasn't aware of its fame. I noticed that Helen hunt and Jack Nicholson are the lead actors and that was enough for me to hang on to the channel.
10 mins into the movie, I was totally with the characters! Awesome film. one of my all time favorites.

It somehow stayed with me. (Even now I keep remembering few scenes (the ending especially) and always smile in silence at the awesomeness of simplicity)
Then i wondered is it a famous movie? I thought May be not. Any Academy award nominations? Its not a war drama, No homosexual story, No weepy creepy scenes, No pyschopaths! Academy award? Chanceless.

I'm glad I was wrong. When i googled the film just out of curiosity to know its ranking, my god! I was dumbstruck. It turned out to be a very popular movie which secured an academy award to both the lead actors. And with multiple other nominations. Man! i have good taste.

Now why of all of a sudden i remembered this specific incident? I'll tell you why. Today I was discussing with one of my friends about saif ali khan and how he evolved as an actor through the years. Remember that ole ole ole saifu? and just think about DCH, HT and Omkara. Awesome transformation.

And my friend came up with a extordinary comment saying he didnt deserve a national award for hum tum! Man ! I know its a rip off of harry met sally and yes it was not a very original concept. But both Rani and Saif performed brilliantly. Sharmila Tagore might have been on the selection panel, but boss he deserved it!!! I dont know who were the other competitors that year but  i believe Saif was excellent and effortless!

Why national awards should be awarded to arty crafty films? Is Weeping all through the film or killing the lead is an essential element to get the award?
Our industry has a long way to go! And also the mind set of the jury panel and audience should be open enough to accept that doing halke-phulke roles is as tough as serious roles ! I'm not saying serious roles are easy. Take kamal hassan in Nayagan. Thats the most favorite performace by a leading actor for me. I love serious films.But still happy happy films can also bag awards.

I dont at all like chetan bhagat. But feel like saying something he allegedly quoted :  Be sincere not serious ! Seriousness should never be considered as sincerity!
Well,thats me ! A die hard movie lover ! Can't handle narrow minded ness ruining the art! Let true talent flourish and prejudices perish !

\m/ \m/ for good cinema \m/ \m/