Monday, April 25, 2011

ignorance is bliss !

Happened to watch a movie 'The passion of Christ' on Sony pix few days back. It deals with the final 12 hrs of Jesus Christ’s life and in flashbacks some other events in Christ’s life. A very very good movie.

Now I haven’t started this blog to recommend the movie. Then why?

The recent tragedy(?!), the death of puttaparthi sai baba made me think about this movie.

Nationwide (or is it worldwide??) roar! I cannot fathom why.
He is not young or something? 84 yr old person. What people expect of him? To live on forever? To perform miracle and come back to life? really??? Seriously !!!

I know it’s very painful to lose someone you like. And if that someone did lot to the poor and needy....the pain and the grief is unimaginable. But isn’t it farfetched  to expect him to come back to life?????

I respect and admire Jesus a lot. Not that he performed miracles or not that he is son of god. (For the record I do believe that he performed many miracles and in fact son of god) But my love for Jesus is something that is beyond divinity, it is humanity. Yes. His message of love, his message of forgiving your enemies, his simple life style and his preachings. Now that is something which commands respect and admiration.
I mentioned passion of Christ specifically because it throws light on life of Jesus in the last hours and how much pain Jesus has to undergo and how he still asks for forgiveness of those who punished him. Divine. That is divinity.

Not only Jesus but there are loads of personalities over the years who spread that message. and many who are trying to.

I respect puttaparthi sai baba . Just for the things I mentioned. His act of humanity and his message of love. Now why should someone be godly to give that message? why should some one perform miracles to be good?

Now people expect him to come back to life? perform a miracle???

why dont they just let him RIP?

just my thoughts !

I don’t at all believe that he is son of god or messenger of god. I just believe he is a good man who did great work to the poor. At the same time, i do respect opinions of some , who claim satya sai baba is god himself. 
But the thought that bugs me is why to be a god ? Isn't it enough to be a human being and help others?