Monday, May 28, 2012

Everybody Lies, yes..But…

Everybody Lies, yes..But…

Everybody lies… if you are a fan of TV series House M.D you would be very well aware of how well Greg House believes this as a fundamental expectation from almost everyone. He goes ahead and adds, everybody lies and the only variant is about what!

There is this one very special person in my boring life(kinda twist to the normal routine life I generally lead) who kinda idolizes house. He adores him and if I tell you he is miniature version of the house himself please don’t think I’m exaggerating!

But how can you believe that everybody out there is a liar and stay happy? I mean if there is no trust there is no remote chance of love right? And isn’t it easy to put a little faith in people and still believe in things such as truth, morality and righteousness?

I know following rules is kinda boring. Nobody is asking anybody to follow the rules and be this spotless guy. You know actually they are boring. You need to bend rules now and then.

But whatever the other person is saying… if you just go ahead and scrap it as a lie? I mean come on who will you end up with? Believe me you can say “ hey, I m okay even if people lie..i can still manage and put uo with”, it’s not possible.

Trust is the basic thing in any relationship.I know it hurts if someone we trust prove that they don’t deserve the trust but that should be never stop us from loving people, trusting that someone out there still deserves a chance!

Yes everybody lies…yes the only variant is about what..BUT not to everybody….
There will always be someone out there who thinks being honest with you is the best policy…who would never lie to you…and genuinely be there for you ! My dearest think about it !

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